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V of War


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The first VR+PC(Non-VR) cross-platform E-sports FPS game with the cross-platform as the core mechanism.


It is the war for resource and occupation.

It is the war among robot and human.

In the remote future, with the rapid development of technology, human’s mind could be transferred remotely to other objects without space and distance limited.


Human(Explorers) utilizes this technology to invent New-Man who is willing to abandoned their physical body and‘upload’ their mind and spirit onto the certain machine(Mech), which enables them to get to certain objects and reach the deep space at tremendous speed.


There are two powerful forces master this technology: Blackshark and SilverWolf. They have different backgrounds, but same ambition-Ruling the deep space! Since then, a war between Blackshark and SilverWolf begins slowly brewing......


  • Unique cross-platform gameplay gathering VR and Non-VR players in same battle.

  •  Multiple, diverse game play: Single mode; Multiplay-1.MOBA, 2.Battle Royale style contains 50 player etc.

  • Best gaming experience. Adopt anti-motion sickness mechanism increasing average game time.

  • Cross-platform mechanism enable PC, VR play different role which improves the interaction. VR (Mech):strong power,high defense, multi skills, slower movement; Non-VR(Human):flexible movement, multi weapons,weaker power,weaker defense.


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"I really like your animations it is very unique keep

it up. Happy to see you grow you deserve it."

                                                             S.F. baio

"Amazing review man! The

animations are awesome! Great quality!"

                                                 heeey Devon

"Excellent review , excellent game

Best of both PSVRworlds."

                                                     J D           

"I always look forward to you and Beep's

videos. Keep up the great work!!!"


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