PlayStation VR Game Sale Holiday Sale Week 1 (US)

December 12, 2017

The holidays are here and so are the sales. We have many PlayStation VR games on sale. This week will feature the Holiday Sale. Here are the many titles that are on sale.





ANCIENT AMULETOR              Sale Price: $13.99   Sale Price (with plus): $9.99     Original: $19.99

ARCHANGEL                          Sale Price: $20.09   Sale Price (with plus): $17.09   Original: $29.99

CARNIVAL GAMES                   Sale Price: $6.99     Sale Price (with plus): $4.99     Original: $19.99

DRIVECLUB                              Sale Price:$8.99     Sale Price (with plus): $6.99     Original: $19.99

DYING : REBORN                    Sale Price: $1.99     Sale Price (with plus): $0.99     Original: $9.99

END SPACE                             Sale Price: $9.99     Sale Price (with plus): $7.99     Original: $19.99

EVE: VALKYRIE                          Sale Price: $17.99   Sale Price (with plus): $14.99    Original: $29.99

HEROES OF THE SEVEN SEAS   Sale Price: $4.89     Sale Price (with plus): $3.49      Original: $6.99

HUSTLE KINGS                        Sale Price: $8.99     Sale Price (with plus): $6.99      Original: $19.99

MANIFEST 99                          Sale Price:$4.19                                                               $5.99

MERVILS: A VR ADVENTURE       Sale Price: $11.99   Sale Price (with plus): $9.99     Original: $19.99

MORTAL BLITZ                         Sale Price: $11.99    Sale Price (with plus): $9.99     Original: $19.99

NBA 2KVR EXPERIENCE            Sale Price: $2.99      Sale Price (with plus): $1.49     Original: $14.99

OASIS GAMES SHOOTER VR BUNDLE Sale Price: $4.99 Sale Price (with plus): $2.49 Original: $24.99

PARANORMAL ACTIVITY: THE LOST SOUL Sale Price: $23.99   Sale Price (with plus) $19.99  Original: $39.99

PINBALL FX2                           Sale Price:$7.49       Sale Price (with plus): $5.99        Original: $14.99

PINBALL FX2 VR:SEASON 1 PACK  Sale Price:$14.99  Sale Price (with plus): $12.49    Original: $24.99

PINBALL FX2 VR: THE WALKING DEAD    Sale Price:$3.59   Sale Price (with plus): $2.99  Original: $5.99

PING PONG                          Sale Price: $7.49       Sale Price (with plus): $5.99       Original: $14.99

PLAYSTATION VR WORLDS        Sale Price:$8.99       Sale Price (with plus): $6.99       Original: $19.99

RAW DATA                              Sale Price:$31.99     Sale Price (with plus): $27.99     Original: $39.99

SOUL DIMENSION                  Sale Price:$3.49       Sale Price (with plus): $2.49       Original: $4.99

SPARC                                   Sale Price:$17.99      Sale Price (with plus): $14.99     Original: $29.99

SNEAKY BEARS                      Sale Price:$11.99      Sale Price (with plus): $9.99        Original: $19.99

SPORTS BAR                           Sale Price:$9.99        Sale Price (with plus): $7.99       Original: $19.99

STATIK                                    Sale Price:$13.99      Sale Price (with plus): $11.99    Original: $19.99

SUPER STARDUST ULTRA           Sale Price:$8.99        Sale Price (with plus): $6.99       Original: $19.99

TIME MACHINE                     Sale Price:$19.79       Sale Price (with plus): $16.49     Original: $29.99

TUMBLE VR                            Sale Price:$4.49         Sale Price (with plus): $3.49       Original: $9.99

UNEARTHING MARS              Sale Price:$7.49         Sale Price (with plus): $4.49       Original: $14.99

VIRRY                                    Sale Price:$3.99         Sale Price (with plus): $1.99       Original: $9.99

WEEPING DOLL                     Sale Price:$1.99         Sale Price (with plus): $0.99       Original: $9.99


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