End Space Update

November 7, 2017

End Space received an update today that fixes some issues with the game. Here is a full list of what the patch does! 


Here is the full list of updates and fixes for End Space PSVR v1.03:


  • Thrustmaster T.Flight HOTAS 4 support fix (see above)

  • Increased controller vibration when hit

  • Higher resolution pilot model

  • Cockpit texture detail increased

  • If a TLF ship is destroyed by the AI, the player shouldn’t lose their target lock

  • Sometimes during a screen fade out, the screen would show again briefly before a level switch

  • Reduced the reflections on the windshield

  • Tweaked warp in effects

  • Fixed jittering issue on some physics objects

  • Fixed missing star particles

  • Intro audio played when selecting the first level, not at the start as intended

  • Performance enhancements


  • Player speed increased by 30%

  • Boost consumption reduced and recharge time shortened

  • Reduced R-37 Plasma Gun energy usage by 4

  • Reduced ASM-135 Solo energy usage by 1

  • Reduced AK-5 Pulse Laser energy usage by 1

  • Increased energy recharge rate x 2

  • Increased missile recharge rate x 1.1

  • Added controller vibration when firing cannons or launching a missile


  • Fixed music disappearing from the last 4 levels

  • Levels 1-8 missing mission objective alerts

  • Changed warp out location on Border Patrol to be easier to locate

  • Changed warp out location on Comms Breakdown to be inline with the star gate when flying through

  • Fixed an asteroid LOD pop in Learning to Fly


  • New Sound settings menu to adjust Master, Voice, and Music volumes

  • Got rid of the warning sound from the collision and missile alerts

  • Changed the UI buttons color when selected and not selected

  • Added improved UI feedback in low on energy, missiles, boost or throttle

  • Speedometer shows ship’s actual speed now

  • Objective HUD indicators are closer to center of the screen to be easier to see




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