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Angry Birds Isle of Pigs Free Level Editor Update!

Angry Birds Isle of Pigs has received a new update today that allows players to make their own levels! The update is completely free if you already own the game and will update automatically.

Check out the trailer!

With the level builder, players can use different blocks from the original game - including wood/ice/rock blocks, various TNTs, fans, boulders, decoration blocks and more - as well as different pigs, such as boss pigs that players encountered from other levels to complete their custom creations. Players also have the ability to choose which birds to slingshot at the structures and which teleportation points are available during construction. In this update, players are able to save their levels locally and make the finished versions show up in their own custom level set to come back and play whenever they like or even pass-and-play with friends to share their creations. 

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