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Tiny Trax



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Epic racing in a tiny world!

Childhood imagination comes to life as tiny racers boost around your body, jump overhead and drift around bends inches from your face!

Explore the charming beauty of twelve stunning tracks set across tropical islands, volcanoes, ice caves and outer-space - all constructed around you in dazzling VR!

Game Features:

  • Childhood Imagination Brought to Life

Did you ever wish for your toy cars to completely defy gravity, or to race on crazy tracks that went far beyond the limits of reality? 

Then you'll love Tiny Trax!

  • Addictive Arcade Fun

Inspired by classic slot-car racing toys, Tiny Trax adds lane-switching, boost and a super-smooth drifting mechanic to recharge your boost gauge, expanding the slot-car experience by introducing a whole new set of skills to wrap your thumbs around. Your car even gets put back on the track if you overcook a corner!

Steer your car as if it were radio controlled, zipping along walls, dunking underwater, flying overhead, and looping upside-down through ice-caves and space stations!

  • Great Use of VR

Tiny Trax brings the action to you with tiny cars skidding past your nose, jumping overhead and drifting around your feet! 

It feels wonderful to race around imaginative tracks that surround you in VR.

  • Stunning Environments

With twelve beautifully designed and utterly bonkers tracks - constructed around you in dazzling VR - race around tropical beaches, forgotten ruins and even alien planets!

  • Online Multiplayer

Choose from six vehicles to race against AI, or up to four friends online in single races or tournaments, posting high scores to the leaderboards! 

Tiny Trax has been designed to give you 100% VR comfort time and again, so you can replay as much as you need to improve your times!

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Release Date

Release Date - 

EU : 25th July 2017

U.S : 25th July 2017




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"I really like your animations it is very unique keep

it up. Happy to see you grow you deserve it."

                                                             S.F. baio

"Amazing review man! The

animations are awesome! Great quality!"

                                                 heeey Devon

"Excellent review , excellent game

Best of both PSVRworlds."

                                                     J D           

"I always look forward to you and Beep's

videos. Keep up the great work!!!"


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